Why You Should Sext Her

Why You Should Sext Her

Sexting It is for every age

Sexting seems like such a juvenile thing to do come on, isnt it just for horny teenagers? Honestly, though, sexting is becoming a common practice for people in all walks of life and isnt any more immature than sending her off to work with a dirty message in her lunch. In fact, its way more effective because you two can keep the conversation going easily. Combine a good sexting session with some illicit photos for her to view in private and youll have some great sex waiting for you when you get home.

Let Her Know Shes on Your Mind

Text her even when you are busy

Sending her a dirty little text during the day (even while shes at work) tells her that you just cant stop thinking about her. If youre at work, it says that youve been so hung up on her that you had to risk getting caught to send her a horny message. If you can sneak away to the bathroom during a break and get a good dick pic for her, then itll be even better. Keep the conversation up all day and make her feel specialbecause youre putting so much at risk. Just dont get caught sexting isnt worth it if you feel like its dangerous.

Keep Her Thoughts on You

Not only does sexting her let her know youre thinking of her, but youre also guaranteed to have her thoughts on you the whole day. This gives her time to think about what the night has in store and get nice and excited for you. Instead of letting her get caught up with work and distracted by all the stress in her life, keep her focused on your next steamy encounter. Encourage her to send some pictures your way if you feel like she wont get caught theyll go great with the pictures you sent her. This stream of stimulation will work far better than a simple letter hidden in her lunch. Its easy to forget a letter, and much harder to forget a phone that keeps going off.

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Get Her Ready

If shes thinking about the night all day at work, then shes bound to come home in a great mood. Youre likely going to have her all hot and bothered right off the bat, which is great for you. Dont skip the foreplay by any means, but you dont have to work so hard to get her ready. Just be sure to let her know how you cant wait until she gets home, and be sure that she knows the nights going to end in the bedroom. Really get her going by greeting her with a deep kiss the second she walks in the door, or the moment you get home bonus points if you scoop her up and carry her to the bed. Shell have been waiting for this all day, so youve got to make it good! After all, shes been all you thought about for hours make her feel like it.

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