What to Do When Shes Messy

What to Do When Shes Messy

She needs some help to clear this mess

If youve ever had the displeasure of hooking up with a woman only to discover that she lives like a complete slob, you might find yourself a lot less turned on than you were before you got there. When we say messy, we dont mean someone having a sink full of dirty dishes. What we mean is complete and utter chaos throughout the entire house, which sends even the most open-minded man running away. Though its hardly ever talked about, women can definitely be extremely messy. Were not even going to put it lightly. Women can be complete slobs, and their filthy homes can be a huge turnoff, but that doesnt necessarily mean you shouldnt date a messy woman. All you really need to do is trick her into cleaning before you get there.

Make Her Miss Out

Invite her to your place and show her how clean it is

One of the best ways to trick a woman into cleaning is by mentioning how you wanted to do something special at her place, but decided not to because you thought it would be an inconvenience to her. You want to make sure when you tell her this, you seem extremely sincere and not like youre guilt tripping her into cleaning up. For example, the next time the two of you are together, tell her how you read something about having a picnic on the floor, or wanting to purchase a project for movie night at her house, but that you decided against it because you werent sure how long it would take for the two of you to straighten up the living room. She will feel awful about you wanting to do something thoughtful and sweet for her, only to have you not do it because of her failure to clean up.

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You also want to make sure that you bring up your idea that you had planned to clean the place up with her. While she may not care that her house is dirty, she may be embarrassed if you are offering to help her clean it.

Invite Her to Your Place for Your New Favorite Show

Another thing you can do to trick her into keeping her place decently clean is to invite her to your place. When she comes over and the two of you are enjoying each others company, you should ask her if she is okay with one of you guilty pleasure shows. She will more than likely agree because she is going to be curious as to what shows you like. When she does agree, you should start watching the television showHoarders or any other similar show that involves people living in gross and unsanitary conditions. She will immediately think you are trying to tell her something about her own habits, but she wont bring it up, and you shouldnt either. Do not be surprised if the next time you come around, her house is cleaner than the last time you saw it.

We know that no one is perfect and everyone has their quirks, but no one wants to spend their time in a filthy house. When youre dating a messy woman, trick her into cleaning up, so that you can put your focus on more important things.

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