Dressing Up: Preparing for a Nice First Date

Dressing Up: Preparing for a Nice First Date

Never Underestimate the Power of Grooming and Cleanliness

The hardest part about dating women youve met online is that youre working with no personal face-to-face foundation. Physical impressions are even more important because of this. If youve met a woman through an online dating website and youve agree to meet up for a date, its important that you consider how you want to look. This is the first time shes going to see you in person and you want to send the right message with your appearance. This is especially true if youve agreed to use an upscale restaurant or bar for your first date. If youre in a quandary about how to prepare for a nice date you can relax and read on. All the information you need weve made into a helpful little list.

Maybe you rock the scruff all year round and you know you look good in it. If youre really interested in this woman, however, you might consider the clean-shaven look just for one night. Whether or not to keep the facial hair can depend on what she likes. Sound her out beforehand and get her opinion and then groom accordingly. Or, surprise her with a clean face anyways. If your hair is getting a little long, get it trimmed. If you prefer to wear it long, do so in a style thats flattering.

It should go without saying that cleanliness is important. Showing up for a first date at a classy locale with greasy hair and a neckbeard is not going to give her the impression you want. Be freshly showered. Make sure your clothes are clean. Your goal is to get her to want to be near you. If her first inclination is to lean away from you, youve failed.

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Go Shopping or Borrowing

A first date at a fine dining restaurant or an upscale bar is a perfect excuse to run out and buy some new clothes. Shop with the setting in mind t-shirts and ripped jeans are not going to cut it. You dont have to drop hundreds on a suit and tie, but you should shop for clothes that are flattering. A sport coat and dark jeans can look awesome and wont set you back a fortune.

If youre completely averse to shopping for new clothes, try borrowing from a friend thats around the same size. This way youre not spending money on clothes you may never wear again. Make sure that the clothes are clean and in good shape. You want to present a tidy, attractive appearance and not a sloppy one.

Dont Dress Out of Your Comfort Zone

Which is to say, dont wear loud colors and things youre uncomfortable wearing. You want to be yourself. You also want to be at ease with what youre wearing. Like we said, theres nothing wrong with dark jeans and a sport coat, and its easy to feel comfortable while wearing those. You dont have to shy away from color, but dont go overboard. Wearing bright canary yellow when youre used to dark colors is only going to make you feel like you stand out.

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