Where to Leave Marks and Why

Where to Leave Marks and Why

Hickeys on her neck are old news and wont have the same effect they did in the past. Neck hickeys are all good for horny teenagers, but for adults its time to step up your game. Leave your girlfriend with marks that really let her know shes yours and that you cant get enough of her, because marks on her neck are just tacky and hard to cover up. For the working woman, this just wont work. Give her something to think about all day without ruining her reputation, and leave her with the souvenirs all men love giving.


Give her a hickey on her chest

Youve got to be careful with this one, because the mark has to be low enough to be concealed with a dress shirt or blazer. The key is to make it invisible to everyone, but knowing its there will have her burning with lust all day. A mark on her chest tells her that you arent done with her and have plans for her after work, which will give her something to ponder on. Couple this mark with some sexting and have her squirming in her seat all day. A hickey on her chest is incredibly sensual, and every time she looks down shell be able to recall the steamy night you two had. Its unavoidable and subtle, a killer combination that will drive her crazy at work.


Kiss her thighs to drive her crazy

If you really want to mark your territory, then go for her thigh. This is the most possessive place you can leave a mark (aside from her ass), and itll be a constant reminder of who she belongs to. The thighs are insanely sensitive, so any mark you can make will still be tingling hours later, especially if she cant get her mind off it.

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If shes at work then odds are she either has pants or tights to go under her skirt, so covering it up wont be an issue. Leave the mark as dark as you want the darker the mark, the longer itll stay on her. Make her think about you every time she goes to the bathroom or simply looks down at her legs, and dont be surprised if you get a dirty message in the middle of the day. Just enjoy it.


Her wrist is a very touchy area, and is highly erotic. The skin on the underside of her wrist is pale and delicate, and shell go nuts over you leaving a mark there. Be careful with this one, as its hard to cover up. She can wear a long-sleeved shirt or blazer, but those tend to ride up, and then your little mark will be on display. Some women live for the thrill of getting caught, though, so this might be a good option if you want to bring out her devilish side. Have her cover it up with a watch or a few bracelets and if it slips, then it slips. Shell be forced to remember you every time she looks down at her hand, which will just get her horny all over again.

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