Turn a No into a Yes: How to Convince Her to Have Sex with You

Turn a No into a Yes: How to Convince Her to Have Sex with You

Make her feel comfortable in your arms

One of the main goals for guys on a dating site is to have sexwith a hot girl. Meeting the girls is the easy part. Everything is done for you to make sure you can select only the girls you are most interested in as well as making sure they are all within your local area. The tough part is figuring out how to make sure you will have sex when you actually get together.

If you have been told no by a woman you are interested in having sex with, it is not the end of the night. You can still turn that no into a yes using some special tactics. Make sure you seem uninterested in the sex after she says no, control the conversation and put yourself in the best positionto be desired by her.

Seem Uninterested in Sex

The first thing to do is to act as if the rejection did not bother you one bit. Make sure she thinks you are just fine with the fact she said no. This shows you are not desperate and it puts you in a better position later on. Desperate guys will get mad and be ready to end the date right then and there. By showing you are about more, you are showing you have the confidence to accept her no. It will make it appear as if you dont care because you are already getting all the sex you need.

Control the Conversation

Talk about her passions and interests

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Make sure from this point forward you are controlling the conversation. Talk with her about the things she is interested in. Any time she starts to ask you about you, be polite and answer, but steer it right back to her. This is your opportunity for you to show you are about so much more than just what you need. Make sure as you are talking about her you delve into conversations about her desires and her passions. This will allow you to steer the conversation in a direction where she is feeling passionate about who she is and what she wants.

Put Yourself into a Position to Be Desired

Now she is feeling passionate and she is excited about being with you, it is time to subtly make your move and kiss her. Move slowly at this point. Remember she rejected you, so making a move to kiss her is one thing. Trying to touch her all over is going to get a little sticky. Let her make any sexual advances beyond kissing you. This will make sure you are not being pushy and getting her defenses up. She will be willing to give you everything you want as long as you are willing to take it slow. You will soon find out you did not ever have to ask in the first place. All you needed to do was to get her turned on and make your move and you would have been getting laid hours ago!

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