Setting Up Dates: Tips to Make Arranging Dates Easy

Setting Up Dates: Tips to Make Arranging Dates Easy

If youre using these fling dating sites correctly, youre going to be moving away from them in no time. In other words, youve used them right now you have to go into the real world and discover how to book fling dates.

Well see you through it.

This part can be stressful if youre not sure what youre doing, especially if youve never been on a fling date before. The best thing you can do is relax. Even if youve never had a date in exactly this way before, you dont have to try to do too much. Thats a mistake a lot of guys make.

Remember, this is not like a regular date youd find on a non-fling dating site. Youre not going to be trying desperately to impress a woman. No, this is all about mutual pleasure. Youre trying to find out for yourself if you want to have a fling with the woman youre meeting. Maybe youll meet her and find out shes not as hot as she looked online, (although many legit fling dating sites filter for that), or maybe she just has a really obnoxious laugh or something.

Whatever the reason, dont feel like you have to go home with this woman just because thats what guys do. Youre here to have fun, and hopefully, so is the woman youre meeting.

Consider double booking.

All right, heres a trick we use that we have to fess up to. Sometimes, when were not sure about a girl that were seeing, well book two dates with two different girls on the same night. Yes, this is a higher-level technique, but well tell you why we think its important.

Sometimes women dont show.

One thing you should remember about fling dating is that it does make women nervous. They get skittish, and they start worrying about whether the guy theyre meeting is a serial killer or something. Sometimes their friends tease them about going out with a guy they met on a free fling dating site, and they get embarrassed.

Whatever the reason, women are much more likely to not show up for a fling date than men are, especially the first date. Thats one reason why we double book our dates much of the time. If one woman bails on us, at least weve still got the opportunity to have fun that night.

Sometimes we go on both dates.


We book one date for a couple hours after the other. If the first one goes awesome, sure, well cancel the second one. But if the first one is only OK, we have no problem with bailing on her and going after the second girl. Theres nothing wrong with playing the field aggressively. Youre all here to meet someone, so take advantage of your time on real fling dating sites and make the most of it.

Fling dating sites are pretty private.

A lot of people who use these sites are trying to keep it hidden. Hey, it sucks that we live in a world where people make fun of a woman who goes out for fling dates a lot, but we do. Because of that, women are more reluctant to go out with guys.

Fortunately, these sites weve tried are great at helping women relax because their privacy settings are great. Women dont have to worry that theyre going to be caught or judged, because its really easy to make sure that no one sees who youve been talking to or what your plans are.

Yes, this makes it easier to hide from a significant other.

Were not saying that a lot of the men and women on fling dating site are definitely just sleeping around on a wife, boyfriend, husband, or girlfriend. Were just saying that if they ARE, those privacy settings are golden. You know, for future reference, not from experience or anything.

Make sure you schedule your dates far apart.

Were not talking about time-wise. Time-wise, go ahead and schedule them for the same minute for all we care, and see which date shows up. You dont need to waste your time.

What we mean is that you shouldnt schedule them too close together geographically. In fact, we recommend doing it on opposite ends of town. Yes, this can be more work. Yes, its totally worth the extra work.

By doing it like this, youre going to be eliminating the possibility that a woman will see you with another woman, unless you have freakishly bad luck somehow. Yes, its fine to schedule dates with women back to back, but that doesnt mean that the women want to know about it.

Its best to just avoid the fireworks, and schedule them far apart. Trust us, youll be glad that you did.

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