Black Book Tips: Everything You Need to Keep Track Of

Black Book Tips: Everything You Need to Keep Track Of

If youve spent any amount of time on dating sites, youve probably had a black book at some point in your life. Maybe you still have one. If not, make or buy one, because were about to show you why its necessary.

Weve never given up on the little black book.

If youre not sure exactly what it is, a black book contains:

Names of girls weve dated

Phone numbers of said girls

Notes on the girls

Notes on where we met, how we got lucky, etc.

This can be a lifesaver. If youve EVER forgotten ANY womans name, you should already own a black book. This can save your life when a woman goes on the rampage because you mixed her up with someone with a different name.

What you do with your black book is up to you.

We know a lot of guys who treat their phones like their little black books. Thats a fine idea, but it doesnt totally account for how easy it is to misplace, lose, or especially break your phone. You dont want to be responsible for losing what might be several years worth of contacts and sex just because you dropped your phone in the toilet, do you?

Personally, we prefer to use an actual book. One reason is the fact that you dont lose all of your contacts at once if you accidentally drop it, of course. Another reason is just because we like the feel of an actual book. We like how solid and real it feels to write these things down by hand instead of by typing them into your phone.

We can put in more than names and numbers.

Sure, you CAN put in more than names and numbers to your phone or PDA, but whens the last time you actually used that notes feature? Writing down notes by hand feels a lot more solid and familiar than doing it the other way. When you use the best fling dating sites, youre going to meet the best girls, and you should be ready.

We like to include calendars, notes, phone numbers, favorites, places visited, etc., all in one convenient place. That way, we can make sure that were always talking to and about the right girl, no matter how long its been since weve seen her.

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You can create different lists.

There are lots of ways that you can organize your list. For one thing, you can always list them alphabetically, but that might be kind of a hassle. If you cant remember a womans name, the chances of being able to find her by that name are pretty low.

Another way you can sort women is by the date you met them. If youve been comparing fling dating sites, youve probably had a steady pipeline of women for a while now. Use that to your advantage, and to the advantage of your memory, by sorting by date, if thats how you think.

Our way is a little different.

If youre like us, you dont want to sort women according to how you found them, but according to when you should call.

For example, our top list is in the front. Thats our short list of the BEST women weve ever managed to meet up with, whether on the sites we use all the time or even on free fling dating sites.

That list is our first go-to for hooking up when we dont want to be alone for the night. We hit up all the women on that list and see whos available for that particular night. Some nights, well get lucky on the first try. Some nights, we need the whole list.

Of course, not every night is that easy. Sometimes, as you probably know, its not an easy thing to get a date, even if you have a seriously steady pipeline of women.

In that case, were glad that we kept one other list: the back-of-the-book bottom-of-the-barrel women that were not all that fond of hooking up with, but will totally bang in a pinch.

These women arent our first, favorite, or best choices. However, they are still women, and we still dont like spending the night without getting laid, so we rarely get rid of a phone number completely.

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