Parting Words: A Few Last Pieces of Advice Every Guy Should Get

Parting Words: A Few Last Pieces of Advice Every Guy Should Get

There are just a few more things we have to say to you that we havent covered in our other guides, so pay attention.

First, dont neglect your social life.

We know how addicting the chase of flings can be. Once you learn how to have a fling, you might not want to do anything else with your time. This can be a lot of fun, but it can lead to neglecting your other social life.

Remember that you cant have flings all the time. Sure, you can have them most nights of the week, but they dont replace the friendships youve already made, and they shouldnt be expected to.

You want to keep a healthy and active social life. Maintain your presence on social networking sites, go out with your friends instead of with a date some nights, and dont always say no when they ask you out for a guys night at someones place.

If you spend ALL of your time and energy on finding fling dates, youre going to burn out. Pretty soon, you wont be nearly as interested in having a fling online as you were at the beginning of your little experiment. Its going to start to feel routine.

If you keep up your social life in equanimity with your dating life, youre going to get a lot of use out of both. This will lead to you being happier with your choices on all levels for a much longer period of time.

Remember your manners.

Were not here to be your mothers. However, we are here to let you know that its important to treat everyone with some level of respect. Women you find on fling dating sites are not there to be abused, and theyre not there because they cant get anyone else.

Theyre on that site to have fun and hook up, just the same way that you are. Treat them with the respect youd give anyone, no matter where you met them for the first time.

Just because shes willing to meet you for sex doesnt make her a bad person.

Theres a bad double standard that women who want to have casual hookups are sluts, but men who do it are awesome. Whatever you think of that personally, morally, whatever, think of it from a personal gains standpoint. Do you really want all of the women you meet to think that sleeping with you makes them something dirty?

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Or do you want them to think that youre just as into having a good, fun time as anyone else? Thats the one thats going to make them more likely to want to have a fling with you.

Respect happens in the bedroom as well as outside of it.

Part of respect is making sure that shes okay with whatever you want to do in bed. If you want to do something a little unorthodox, awesome. Having a fling is a great way to test the boundaries of what you enjoy, and its a fun way to make sure youre really into something.

However, you have to make sure that shes okay with whatever you want to try. Ask her first, and ask her if she has any of her own fantasies that shed like to play out.

If so, you can get REALLY lucky. These women are sometimes the craziest, kinkiest women out there. They know what they want, and they want it now. Just make sure you get the green light before you start going.

Weve stressed this before, and well stress it again, because honestly, we cannot stress this last point enough:

Remember her name.

Use a mnemonic if you have to. Write it on your ceiling if you have to. Whatever you do, make sure you remember her name, even if shes a one night stand and thats all shes ever going to be.

Trust us on this one. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and realizing that the night you spent with Amanda was actually with Beth. Well, nothing is worse than when you say the wrong name and she freaks out on you. Honestly, we cant even blame her.

Remembering someones name is the epitome of the most basic kind of respect. By forgetting a womans name, youre not just being rude. Youre telling her she doesnt matter, even if you just say, Oh, Im bad with names. Man up, figure it out, and THEN you can have a great night with her.

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