Whats a Fling Dating Scam? Key Signs of a Dating Scam

Whats a Fling Dating Scam? Key Signs of a Dating Scam

If youre feeling like you want to get started in the fling dating scene but you think there are a lot of scams, youre probably right. There are an awful lot of scams floating around in the fling dating scene, and we want to make sure you know how to spot and avoid them.

The first key to this is in making sure that youre aware of what a fling dating site is. Eventually, when youve tried as many sites as we have (which we do not recommend for your wallet), you start to be able to recognize scams on sight. At first, however, this is a lot more difficult.

Look out for ad grabs.

One popular scam that free fling dating sites in particular like to run is the ad grab. This is a scam that will show you a link or an image that does not link to what you think it does. When you click it, it will take you far away from the site you were on, usually to some sort of pay-per-click spam.

This is no way to find flings online. You want to be able to move freely around a site; any site that uses ad grabs is not worth your time, your money, or your attention.

Look out for cam girls.

Look, we have nothing against cam girls. Hell, we love cam girls. We just dont want to spend time with them when were looking for a little something else online.

Cam girls are women that get naked on webcam for money. Theyll frequently perform all kinds of crazy sex acts, and you pay by the minute to watch them and direct your own private show full of the kinkiest, craziest shit you can possibly imagine.

Again, were not against cam girls. However, these girls are not exactly on fling sites looking for dates, so you wont find them on legit fling dating sites most of the time.

These girls are just going to be on the sites getting to know you and chatting you up, and then theyll invite you to go watch them on cam. Youll get a lot of messages from girls like this on free dating sites, which is yet another reason you should stay away from them.

Like we said, cam girls are hot. However, we dont want to spend our time and money looking at women we cant touch when wed much rather hook up with ones we have a pretty good chance of touching. We want women in our bed, not on our screen.

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Look out for supermodels.

Lets be honest: youre not going to meet a perfect 10 on a fling dating sites, probably 99 percent of the time. Sure, theres always that one percent chance, and its great to live in hope, no matter how deluded that hope is.

However, one of the first signs that you should be on alert is if the sites youre visiting are FULL of these women. Yes, you might get the occasional super hot chick with low self-esteem looking to blow off a little steam, but shes not going to be the majority.

Dont kid yourself. If you see a supermodel on the website, fine, maybe its a fluke. If you see three supermodels or more, go ahead and fess up: someone took you for a ride.

Look out for sites that dont care.

Any real fling dating site that is serious about providing a good environment for its members is going to take their complaints, especially their complains about scams, very seriously. This is one of the good things about finding these sites, of course.

If someone on the site youre using tries to scam you, report it with the customers name and online handle to customer service. True, they might do nothing about it. However, if you see that theyre doing nothing, you can feel free to go ahead and cancel your membership.

If they do immediately jump in and make it right, however, youre totally justified in staying with that site. This is a site that appreciates your loyalty, which is far more important than any little superficial things that you might find are wrong with a site.

Of course, the superficial things matter, too. Its just that the big things like being nice to customers and making sure the customers dont get screwed around by con artists are a little bit more important, for good reason.

Keep an eye open. Dont jump, no matter how pretty the woman is. If shes looking for flings, dont worry that she wont give you the time of day. Shes here looking for short-term stuff, which means shell be back soon.

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