Why a Fling Over a Full Time Woman? The Pros and Cons Examined

Why a Fling Over a Full Time Woman? The Pros and Cons Examined

There are a lot of reasons to have a fling online rather than having a steady girlfriend. No matter what your reasons are, were not going to judge you or tell you that one is better than the other. Sure, having flings are lots of fun, but if you have more fun in a relationship, you should be doing that.

Flings are a lot less work.

This is the first and most obvious benefit to having a fling rather than a full-time girlfriend. You have a lot more freedom in your day to day life when youre only meeting up with someone for dates and sex than you do when youre dating them, for example.

Also, if youre dating someone, you have to be at least slightly on call at all times. You have to account for your whereabouts, and you have to make sure that youre not doing anything she wouldnt approve of, even when youre apart, in case she hears about it.

This is not the case with flings.

Not only are flings a lot less work, but theyre also pretty much free of the baggage you get with a regular full-time girlfriend. These women arent after finding out whether or not you were at some girls place last night. They just care where you are TONIGHT.

These women also arent going to constantly bring up the past, because you dont have a history or a past with them. Instead, theyre going to focus on what youre doing here, now, and today.

If you want someone that you can grow and learn with, youre going to want a full-time, long-term relationship. If you want someone that you can have fun with without worrying about where youre going to be tomorrow night, youre probably going to want to get into a fling instead.

Both you and the woman youre with know what youre getting into with a fling.

If you want to meet someone and just forget your problems, consider having a fling. The woman youre going to be with is going to be going through the exact same things you are, and shes going to be looking for the same kind of fun that youre looking for.

This means she could basically be your perfect partner. A woman like this will be a lot of fun, and shell have some crazy wild ideas about how to enjoy yourselves that wont necessarily involve being good nice boys and girls.

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Fling dating can be the best fun youve ever had.

Of course, shell only be your perfect partner for a little while. Thats the nature of a fling. Whether its good or bad, itll only last a little while, and thats the way it has to be. Otherwise, youre going to get right squarely in the middle of the girlfriend zone, and then you wont be able to easily get out and return to fling dating.

If youre considering why to have a fling and how to have a fling, bear in mind that many of the women who are into fling dating are equally averse to having a longer-term relationship. This means that even if you fall for this woman, shes almost certainly not going to want to have a long-term relationship with you, so dont even bother.

The sex is going to be amazing.

Not to intrude on your private life, but if youre anything like, well, MOST guys, your sex life dwindles when youre in a relationship. Its no ones fault exactly; its just a natural extension of the fact that when youve been together for a while, theres the natural dulling of passion.

Theres another reason.

Youre in a relationship with someone for a lot of different reasons. If you get into one with the express intention of having sex (instead of other relationship-type stuff), youre going to know that the sex is awesome. Why else would either of you be there?

Your common goal will make it explosively good.

If youre both there for the sex, youre going to both make sure that its awesome. You wont have to convince this woman that she should consider sleeping with you. You wont have to beg her to please, please have sex with you, because shes there for the exact same reason.

If the idea of hooking up with a woman whos as eager for it as you are doesnt appeal, then fling dating probably isnt right for you. If it is, congratulations, youre a normal adult human male. Go out and find the fling of your dreams shes probably waiting for someone to do just that.

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