Keeping Everything Straight: Tips to Avoid Embarrasssing Mistakes

Keeping Everything Straight: Tips to Avoid Embarrasssing Mistakes

If theres one mistake of ours that you can take and learn from, it should be that being disorganized is for suckers.

Being disorganized has led to us missing dates, messing up names, and in general just not picking the right sites to use because we werent sure of our data. Therefore, we think its pretty much the most important thing you can do to make certain that youre very organized.

This doesnt take the fun out of fling dating.

On the contrary, being organized in your dating will probably make it more fun in the long run, because youre going to be able to keep track of the women you meet and make sure youre meeting the right women.

If youre putting all of your time and energy into meeting women instead of into keeping your stuff straight, youre going to get more women for the first week. After that, youre going to find that your pipeline of women will dry up significantly, and you wont be able to meet women for multiple times because you wont know where their information is.

A better plan is to just keep everything organized. That way, youll make sure you arent mixing everything up, and youll be able to keep track of everything you want to remember.

A little black book is, of course, key. You want to be able to look women up quickly and efficiently, and that means you want to be able to flip though their vital stats (to you) at a moments notice.

Keeping organized keeps you safer.

One of the biggest reasons to stay organized is the fact that youll be able to better spot fling dating site scams if you know what they look like and you have the info to back you up handy.

This means you should not only keep track of the good women you meet for future reference, but you should also keep tabs on the ones you meet who try to scam you. That way, youll see right away if they pop up again when youre using the same site or another one, and you wont get fooled again.

Scammers are, in general, pretty lazy. They wont create a new profile if the old one hasnt been banned yet, and youll be able to tell very easily if theres a similarity between their old name and their new one, as long as youre keeping track.

This isnt as much work as it sounds like.

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Yes, were telling you to keep track of a lot of stuff. Fortunately, thats a pretty easy task, if youre even a little bit organized. If not, its pretty easy to learn how to get that way.

Keep a list of your dates as well.

This is still less work than having a full-time girlfriend. You dont have to remember birthdays or anniversaries, you dont have to even know where she lives, and you dont have to meet her mother. You just need to keep a couple quick notes on each girl. A note section might look like this:

Michelle _______

Short blonde hair, brown eyes, lots of earrings

Really likes pasta (will put out for good Italian)

Allergic to peanuts

Blindfolds are a NO, spanking is a GO

Thats really all you need! Just jot down notes like this after your fling is over, and youre going to be well-equipped for the next time you see this girl. This will also help you to keep your girls separate for future reference, because no one likes getting confused with someone else. Like you can see in our notes section, this can also earn you points, or lose them. If you bring Michelle up there a piece of peanut butter candy, shes probably not going to be too happy with you if shes already told you shes allergic (not that you should be going around giving out Reeses Cups to your dates, but you know what we mean).

Yes, some fling dating sites that are legit have places you can keep notes on the girls.

However, we like to do this by hand. We have a few reasons for this. First, you never know whos going to open up your laptop. Even if its password protected, theres still the possibility that you could leave it open while you run to the bathroom, and you dont want to have to deal with the fallout from that.

Another thing to remember is that not every woman stays on fling sites forever, but that doesnt mean she wont be open to the idea of meeting up with you again for sex.

She might have moved on from the site (in which case your on-site notes will be useless), but she could still pick up the phone when you call. Make sure you have notes at least copied out into physical form for these purposes, or at least saved somewhere other than the site.

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