Calling Her Back: Stay In Touch so You Can Get Future Flings

Calling Her Back: Stay In Touch so You Can Get Future Flings

The best thing about fling dating (its short-term) is also the worst thing about fling dating (its short-term). This means that even if you like a woman, you never get to see her again, right?


There are definitely ways to stay in contact with the women you like on fling dating sites, and even ways to make sure that you can hook up with them again in the future.

Whatever you do, make sure youre not presenting yourself as trying to be her boyfriend. Women are on fling sites for the same reason men are. They dont want a boyfriend, and theyll get annoyed by a guy that starts to act like one after a fling.

If you met a woman on top-rated fling dating site, youre going to find that shes not all that into the idea of having a boyfriend. In fact, if you call her immediately after you hook up, shes probably going to make it a point to lose your phone number.

You can still call her after the date.

Just make sure that youre not calling her the day after the date. You can send her a text message the morning after (if youre not waking up in the same bed) or the evening after if you wound up spending the morning together. Just a nice little, Hope youre doing OK I had fun 🙂 is usually enough to say, I had a great time and care that you got home safely without being creepy or desperate and demanding.

Barring that text message, even if she doesnt respond, you can still call her. You just shouldnt call her the day after, or even the day after that. Three days is usually a good rule for just about anything dating related, if you want to make sure not to look like a crazy dude with way too much time on his hands. For fling dating, however, you should wait longer.

You can get another round very easily.

Unless shes using a one-and-done policy for having flings, this woman is probably going to be just as happy to meet up again as you are as long as you didnt suck at the sex part.

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Wait a week, and then give her a call to see if she wants to meet up again. Chances are, shell probably say yes (unless something went horribly wrong without you realizing it).

Yes, a full week.

You might be wondering what happened to the three-day rule. Well, its still there and you should use it whenever youre trying to actually date someone. If youre looking to get with a fling again, however, make sure to wait a full total week.

You can turn this into friends with benefits.

Turning a fling into a longer-term relationship, but without the emotional commitment, is something that not every guy can pull off. Dont worry if its not something that comes naturally to you. A lot of guys arent always that good at this.

However, if you can pull it off, it can be awesome. Friends with benefits is one of the most fun relationships you can ever have. Its more intimate than a casual hookup, but youre still only connecting with someone for the purposes of having sex with them.

You basically get all the benefits, none of the detriments as long as you can pull it off properly. Make sure youre not going to get too emotionally invested in this relationship.

Remember that women are rating you.

This might not be any fun to remember. However, its important to keep in mind that if youre using fling dating sites that are legit, the women you meet are going to be just as judgmental as you are.

Think about the ways youve rated in the past, whether its on she looks like she doesnt take care of herself or she looks like a lot of work or whatever else has come to mind when youve been browsing profiles.

Shes thinking the same thing about you.

You dont have to stress or obsess over this fact. Just be aware of it. More than being aware of it, make sure that youre being rated and you dont want to come across as the sad clingy guy.

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