Taking Your Pick: How to Manage Multiple Girls at Once

Taking Your Pick: How to Manage Multiple Girls at Once

If youre going to have a fling online, you have to make sure youre going to be presenting yourself in the right way. In other words, you might be the kind of guy that works a low-brow job and doesnt do much in his spare time, but its important that you dont act like one.

That doesnt mean you have to lie. You dont have to say youre secretly a billionaire or that youve got women hanging off of your every move. Its not important what you say, exactly you just have to ACT like thats the life youre living.

Remember that youre in demand.

A man that other women want is a man thats worth having. Thats the way women think, a lot of the time. Theyll instantly go after a guy that has a lot of women hanging off of him, even if hes not exactly her type a lot of the time, because of a few things.

First, women tend to trust the opinions of other women. If other women want you, youre automatically good.

Second, most women have a competitive streak a mile wide. If they can get the pick of the litter, theyll be much more satisfied with their choice, even if youre no different this way than you were before.

This is true both in dating and in fling dating.

Women want what other women have, and women want what they cant have. Its a fundamental truth, and it pretty much applies to everyone, not just to the women.

If youre coming off as desirable, whether to women she knows or to women that shes just finding out about, any woman youre targeting is going to be a lot more likely to respond in a positive manner. After all, youre the guy whos attracting all of the female attention. It makes a woman think that she should probably be attracted, too.

When you want to have a fling, you want to come across as a womans first choice. It might not matter to you whether youre her first or fifth choice as long as it gets her in bed, but trust us. You WANT to be this womans first choice for hooking up.

The secret to being their first choice is being the prize.

On dating sites, everyone knows that they work pretty much the same way. A woman whos at least average in attractiveness goes onto a dating site, and all of the guys immediately start hitting on her. She can then take her pick of whichever guys she wants, and the lucky dude gets to go off and talk to her, maybe have a date.

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It doesnt need to work like that.

In many ways, youre the prize that the woman is looking for. This is true, whether youre aware of it or not. The women on these sites are looking for a very specific kind of guy sometimes, but on fling dating sites, theyre also more open to broadening their horizons. After all, theyre only planning on getting to know a guy for a little while; why not try out something new that they havent tried before?

You dont need to work too hard at this.

One thing you need to know about how to have a fling is that you dont have to keep up this faade for too long. Yes, youre technically pretending to be someone youre not, but you dont have to do it full time or anything, and youre mostly just doing it for fun.

If youre making yourself appear in demand and youre worried that someone will find out, relax. The fact is, as soon as the profile starts doing the work for you, itll be true.

Youll attract women based on the fact that they THINK other women are attracted to you (it sounds dumb, but it works). Then, you dont have to pretend anymore, because the women who are attracted to you will just be more incentive for other women. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy more than a lie, so take advantage of it.

Any time you want to have a fling, you have to make sure youre putting out there the kind of information that women are going to respond to. If youre not sure what that is, take a look at the profiles of guys who get a lot of dates. Its the attitude you want to copy, not the actual words themselves.

Once youve got it down for the first couple of women, keep it going. Youll have a system in place for roping these girls in in no time.

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