Compiling Your Findings: Track Your Results for Better Dates

Compiling Your Findings: Track Your Results for Better Dates

Lets get this out of the way: collecting data does not make you a nerd. Instead, it makes it so that you can have the best possible experience with real fling dating sites.

If you want to make the most out of your time on these sites (and yes, get more dates), follow along and well show you how to keep track of every bit of progress you make.

Write everything down.

Yes, everything. Were not talking about keeping a journal, were talking about how you should document your experiences on any website you try out. Our experience has shown that we get the most girls out of a site when we keep track of what were doing right, and what were doing wrong

The only way you can figure out if youre doing well on a site is to keep all of your information. You want to see how many emails you get back for each one you send, how many women show up to your dates when they say they will, and how many times you actually get laid on a site. Otherwise, youre just fumbling around in the dark, and you WILL forget.

Once you figure out if a site is a legit fling dating site or not, you should start writing down notes about the individual women. Do this after you talk to a woman for the first time on the messaging system, as well as after you talk a few times, and after your first date. Then, later on if youre not sure whether shes worth another chance or not, you can always pull out your handy black book to make sure youre following through on the right woman.

Weve gotten confused about women before.

Well come clean here were no saints. We do know now that compiling data is the absolute best way to make sure that youre going to keep all of the women youre seeing straight.

Rate women in your black book.

When youve seen lots of women on these sites, go ahead and put them in a little black book, full of all the women you think you can call whenever you need to scratch an itch. This list should be pretty comprehensive. As long as you have a lot of women on it, you wont need to worry about sleeping alone, except by your own choice.

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Your black book can be something you keep on your computer in a spreadsheet, or it can be something you keep in your pocket with handwritten notes. How you keep it is not the important thing. The names are what you want, along with the phone numbers.

Staying organized will help you get laid more.

Even if a girl is the best lay in the world, its hard to sleep with her if you cant find her number. A lot of guys make the tragic mistake of relying on a free fling dating site to be a constant source of a girls phone number when theyve met on that site.

This is, unfortunately, a huge mistake. Women dont tend to use any one fling dating site for very long. Even if they love a site, theyll use it for a couple months, then forget about it, then go back to using it again. Remember that many fling dating sites are free for women, so they dont have to worry about paying for the overhead monthly.

The only way to make sure youre going to be in contact with all the women you want to see is to keep organized, have the book on hand, and make sure you keep it up to date.

Youll need to cut some women off.

There are some women that arent going to be in your black book forever. Maybe they started acting annoying, maybe they werent a really great lay, or maybe you just dont get alone with them for more than 15 minutes at a time on any given day.

You have to make the choice about whether youre going to bump this woman off of your list completely, or whether shes good, but not AS good as the other women youve been meeting. For either reason, make sure you write down what you think is wrong with her.

You may have noticed that we said you should write down why this woman isnt one of your go-to girls. Shouldnt you just throw away, delete, or lose her information?

Its up to you.

If youre going to succeed on a fling dating site, youre going to still have lean weeks. It can help to keep a bottom of the barrel section, just to make sure youre not sleeping alone by necessity.

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