Making Your Profile Work: Easy Steps to Draw In the Babes

Making Your Profile Work: Easy Steps to Draw In the Babes

Weve set up plenty of profiles on fling dating sites over the long years. Weve come to realize that there are certain ones that work, and certain ones that just dont.

If youre not sure that a dating site profile is important, youre missing a huge part of the methods we use that will get you laid. Thats why were here we want you to get laid, as often as you want, by using fling dating sites that are legit. That way you know youre getting the most for your money.

Your profile helps women rate you.

Yes, the women who show up on fling dating sites are going to be not just evaluating you, but evaluating you against your competition. The men that do the best in this fling dating site ranking are going to be the ones who get all of the dates.

Your profile is the first way women are going to find you, and the most important way theyre going to rank you. This means that if your profile sucks, youre not really going to have a leg to stand on. You have to make your profile pop, or shes not going to be interested in seeing anything else from you.

You need to look like you have it all figured out.

It doesnt matter if youre 36 and still living with your mother; if you can look like the kind of guy who has his shit together, youre going to be able to move mountains on these sites. You just need to look as if youre the kind of man that WOULD have it together. You dont actually need to go into too much detail about your life.

No relationship, no info? Big Problem.

A lot of guys just starting out on fling dating sites think that because theyre not planning on having a relationship with the women they meet on here, they dont have to worry about looking good, or about looking like a better version of themselves. This is not true, and can be very damaging to your chances of getting laid.

Women dont lower their standards when they go out looking for sex. They CHANGE their standards.

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Instead of saying, Oh, this guy has a great sense of humor, a great job, and a good temper, I think Ill marry him, shes evaluating you on your bangability instead. This doesnt mean the same thing to every woman, and is rarely based on your actual physical appearance.

Women will ALWAYS be attracted to men they think will take good care of them.

Even if the women youre hitting on arent looking for a man to take care of them right now, this is an innate feature of their biology. Its just something that women on these sites feel strongly about. The sooner you understand that, the sooner youll be able to get what you want from these sites.

Make sure you dont look like a slob, make sure you put yourself in the best light, and women wont be turned off by your profile. So, are those the only reasons you need to have a killer profile? Nope!

A good profile will help you avoid fling dating site scams.

Believe it or not, scammers and spammers dont just send out their fishing lines to every single dude on the Internet. No, they specifically look for the ones that fit a certain profile. That profile includes:




Talking way too much about people he misses

When scammers see a profile like this, their Christmas has basically come early. This is a guy, theyre pretty sure, that will be an easy target. After all, hes basically begging for someone to come along and make him feel like hes something special.

If your profile is short and to the point, youre not going to get nearly as much spam from scammers. They wont think youre going to be easy to rope into a sob story, so theyll leave you alone.

When youre simple and direct with your profile, it benefits everyone. You get what you want (how will she know if youre not clear?), she gets to see how good you are next to the competition, and scammers get warned off of scamming you. Its win-win for everyone except the scammers.

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