Fling Sites: Our Reviews of the Best & Worst Sites Out There

Fling Sites: Our Reviews of the Best & Worst Sites Out There

You want to know what the BEST fling dating sites are, and were here to show you! Well give you our data on every site weve tried, from the absolute maximum in legit fling dating sites to the worst fling dating site scams weve ever found. No matter what, therell be something for you in our reviews of real fling dating sites:

These sites came out highest in our trial.

These were the sites that we were the happiest with overall. They were the ones that came out on top in amount of replies we got, how many dates showed up, and how many times we were able to close the deal.

Yes, we ranked these sites based on how often we got laid using them. Yes, our mothers would be ashamed. Nonetheless, we stand by our trials of these sites as the greatest ones weve ever used for finding the kind of dates we want, and our fling dating site rankings are based on nothing more than cold, hard data we collected.

Of course, you dont just want to see our data. You want to see why exactly we came up with this ranking in specific. Its not all based on data, although the data did help us make our decision. No, we factored many things into our final decision.

We want you to know each site very well.

To that end, we put up a detailed, multi-page review of each site we tried. You can click to look at the full review, and find out exactly why we think some are good, some are pretty okay, and most of them are SCAMS.

Yes, there are a lot of scams out there. No, you dont have to fall victim to a fling dating site scam. We can teach you how to avoid them: and the first step is to figure out how you can separate them from the good ones.

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Only then will you be able to see why our top five are so awesome, and how you can use them to get the most bang for your buck!

Not every site is as good as these five.

There are a lot of fling dating site scams out there. If you want to protect yourself, you first have to learn just exactly what makes a scam on one of these sites. Fortunately for you, weve already blundered through the jungle, setting off every single booby trap. Well show you where the safe paths through are (the five sites above) and where all the pitfalls and traps are.

The sites below are the sites we ranked as the WORST for finding a fling date. We had a hard time finding what we wanted on these sites. Either the customer service was bad, the site was full of fake profiles, or there would be some other issue, usually involving the site itself being a scam.

Seeing is believing: heres our list of the WORST fling dating sites that weve ever found:

These sites, as you can see, do not make it easy to get dates. We found that its almost impossible to get laid on sites like these, and we cant recommend enough that you stay away from these sites. Trust us: look at the numbers in the first table. If WE couldnt get a woman to go out with us on these sites, there probably arent any women on there.

There are other reasons that a site could be ranked very low on this list. To find out why we ranked each one where we did, check out our in-depth reviews, on every site from FuckBookNet.net to JustHookup.com. We left no bang site un-reviewed!

If you want to give the bad sites a try anyway, well, dont say we didnt warn you it was a waste.

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