AdultFriendFinder Review: Was This Site Legit? Find Out

AdultFriendFinder Review: Was This Site Legit? Find Out

Visit Site Rating: Review of: Reviewed by: Summary This site is one of the greats, and has something for everyone. In our six month trial, we picked up 17 hot flings here. is a site that weve been using for a long time, but weve never actually taken the time to sit down and really review it. Were glad we finally did, though; this is the kind of site that everyone knows about, and for good reason.

Its been around awhile, and it deserves to stay.

This is a great site, and a lot of fun. Theres definitely someone for everyone on here, from the kinksters to the alt ladies to those just wanting a good, stress-free time. Thats why we really think that works for those just hopping into the fling scene more than anything else.

During the extent of our AdultFriendFinder review, it became readily apparent how popular this site is and how long its been around! Seriously, when a sites been around during the hay days of MySpace and has outlasted it, you know that its one of the greats. Thats why we just couldnt pass up an opportunity to check it out; this site is definitely worth a second glance.

The End Result of 6 Months on

Weve been around the block more than once, and thats why we really like to take our time and do it right. Weve really figured out that six months is the optimal time with our reviews, and so during our AdultFriendFinder review, we camped out for six months to figure out how good this site really was.

It was time well spent.

During the six months that we were here, we sent out 540 e-mails to women that we met on this site. Thats one e-mail per day for all of those months, and each of those e-mails had nothing to do with spam or anything close to it. These were all personalized e-mails, designed to really put forth an authentic dating experience.

The numbers told all.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we received 355 e-mails back. Normally, were happy with a 50% return, but this was above and beyond our expectations by a seriously large amount. We couldnt have been happier.

Then, it got even better. Out of those 355 responses, we received 27 e-mails from women that actually wanted to meet up with us. 21 of those ladies actually showed up for our dates, which really got us excited.

At the end of the night, 17 of those women went back to our hotel rooms with us. We knew that AdultFriendFinder was a juggernaut, but to this degree was something we hadnt anticipated.

Tips to Get Ahead on

The one thing you really have to realize about is that its massive. This is a site thats been around for a long time, and so if you stand out, you stand a much better chance of getting the ladies that you want.

Have a good profile pic.

First and foremost, your profile pic is going to be what these women see. You dont have to be that handsome of a guy, but if you look like youre a happy, well-groomed kind of guy, youre going to have ladies in spades.

Too many times have people fallen prey to AdultFriendFinder scams because they just dont have a well put together profile. You will really attract the RIGHT kinds of ladies with a profile that stands out, and thats all going to start with a picture that grabs their attention from the first time they see you in their search results. Remember that, and youll be off to the kind of start that you need on a site like this.

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2 Messages That Got Awesome Results

Email 1: Hi, Keilani. You have a beautifully unique name, and youre also into some pretty interesting stuff. Ive never actually been that into rope bondage myself before, but the artistic way with which you do it is incredible. Id love to learn more about it, so if you have any time to spare me an e-mail and maybe recommend some places I can learn more, Id appreciate that.

Email 2: Hi, Christina. You really rock that wild-colored hair, which is something I dont see on a lot of women these days. It makes me wonder if youre interested in anything else that really sets you apart from the crowd, because if so, Id love to hear about it trust me!

Features That Rocked on

This is a site thats been around awhile, and its really had every single opportunity out there to perfect its craft. Fortunately, its done an amazing job of it, and thats why we have a lot of good things to say about

This site has incredibly detailed search capability.

You can literally search for any fetish on this site and find someone thats listed it on their profile. Thats the beauty of these detailed profiles: it makes it very, very easy to find exactly what youre looking for with a bit extra on top of that.

On top of those search features, have we mentioned how good the profiles are? Probably, but seriously, the full and complete profiles that this site gives you the ability to build can really help take away awkwardness in future conversations. They also give everyone a chance to talk about something, and that makes it a lot easier to find the kind of fling that youre really looking for.

Features That Could Use Some Work

There are a couple of things about that arent perfect, no matter how much we liked this site. Thats why its important to keep an eye out on this sort of thing so you dont fall prey to any sort of AdultFriendFinder scam.

This site is old, and it shows.

Sometimes, youll come across quite a few inactive profiles that are cluttering this site up. Thats because this site is actually quite old, and it shows its age through old, abandoned profiles that just havent been cleaned up yet.

This can make it hard to weed through things at times, so just keep that in mind when youre doing your searches. You dont want to end up finding the woman of your dreams, only to realize her profile was updated two years ago and that shes moved on from the site a long, long time ago!

Review of Our Call on Using for Flings.

All in all, we love this site. Its a lot of fun, and we think that should be a staple in any online daters arsenal.

Some people will love this site. Other people will hate it. Personally, we think that this is just one of the classics, and everyone should try it out once. If you like it, put it in with your other dating arsenal to make sure you get the number of flings that you really want in your life. in the News

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