About FlingDatingGuide.com

About FlingDatingGuide.com

Here at FlingDatingGuide, we have only one simple goal in mind: we want to help guys like us get the women they want in bed.

As a single man, its important that you dont waste your time messing around with scam sites. You dont want to give up your time and money where theres no chance that youre going to get laid. If you do that, youre never going to get a date.

Well show you how to spend our time wisely.

Weve put together charts that will show you all the data weve collected through the six months of our testing. Yes, we put down a lot of data about our success (and lack thereof). No, that doesnt mean were giant nerds who cant get dates. What it means is that were extremely efficient; we like to get the largest amount of dates in the shortest amount of time.

We took this seriously.

Yes, we got laid by a lot of hot women. No, that doesnt mean we were just messing around for this whole study. We were very serious about finding the kind of women that would be a lot of fun to hook up with, and we kept careful records of every encounter.

Use our information.

If you want to up your game, you need the best info about what works on fling sites and what doesnt. You want to be the guy with the absolute best odds of getting a hot date as soon as possible, and our tools can help you do exactly that.

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Keep yourself from being tied down.

Well show you how to not only get dates, but keep them interested as long as you want and not a second longer. These tips and tricks will help you find the best flings you havent had yet, and faster than you ever thought would be possible.

No, no site is foolproof, but were hoping youre not sufficiently talented fools trying to get through them. We have these sites down to a science, from choosing them to knowing how to behave on them. Well show you how to get lucky and all you have to do is pay attention.

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