HornyMatches.com Review: Comprehensive Site Test And Rating

HornyMatches.com Review: Comprehensive Site Test And Rating

Rating: hornymatches.com.com Review of: hornymatches.com.com Reviewed by: Summary Almost every profile you see is obviously fake, and the layout is pretty much nonfunctional.

While were all horny guys here, we have to be honest: nothing turns us off more than a site that just plasters boobs and ass all over the front of their site. HornyMatches.com does that, but they do it even worse, because all the pics are fake and stolen.

Theres nothing appealing about fake profiles.

That seems to be the buzz word with these reviews lately, but its a common thing that you see more and more often on dating sites today. Fake profiles are a dating websites way to try and overcome their shortcomings. By padding their site with fakes, it makes them seem like they have a lot more ladies around than they actually do.

In the case of HornyMatches.com, they just dont do a very good job of it at all. They keep repeating the same profile pics over and over, and most of the profiles are quite empty. That made us laugh for the most part, but then we remembered we had to complete our HornyMatches review, and we all just kind of sighed and put our heads down, resigning ourselves to our sorry, sorry fate.

Our Results of Using HornyMatches.com to Find Flings

We spent a total of six months doing our HornyMatches review, and trust us, it was an experience. Either way, we felt like this time period really gave us the chance to explore this site fully, and give us the most accurate numbers possible because we want you to know exactly how well these sites work.

Hint: this one doesnt work that well.

During the extent of our review, we sent out 540 e-mails to the ladies that we met on this site. Every single one of those e-mails was personalized towards their interests, all in order to insure an authentic dating experience just like the one they would hopefully get with you.

Personalization didnt seem to change much.

Out of those 540 e-mails that we sent, we only received 94 responses. Seriously, only 94 e-mails over the span of six months? Its actually more appalling the longer you loop that around in your head.

We, of course, didnt receive a single e-mail actually professing a desire to meet up with us. Its disappointing to think that none of these women would want to hookup with us, because were pretty good at what we do!

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All in all, the entire experience on this website was disappointingbut not unexpected, judging by our first impressions.

Is HornyMatches.com Worth Your Time? Nope.

Its pretty obvious that this site is crap just from looking at it. When we popped onto HornyMatches.com for the first time, we just had to cringe because the layout says a lot at one glance.

A bad layout will drive customers away.

We really think thats part of what made this site start to decline. The layout is entirely nonfunctional, and that makes it really impossible for anyone to really enjoy this site and have a good time on it.

Its also no secret that HornyMatches scams are just crawling all over this site. The fake profiles foster a lot of hackers to just pop right in and hijack the profiles. That makes this site a prime example of needing to be careful whenever you peruse profiles, because theres a good chance the lady you want to message on here has been hacked by an Asian scammer.

This site is unsafe.

That means theres a good chance your identity will be stolen if you try and do much of anything on this site. Take our advice, and just stay away from the HornyMatches scams.

The End Result: Our Review of HornyMatches.com

Theres obviously no way that wed recommend HornyMatches.com to anyone. This site is a scam disaster waiting to happen, and thats why we mostly feel inclined to shove this site off into an abyss than have anything else to do with it.

Rather than sit and bang your head against a wall forever, however, we highly suggest you check out a fling dating site that actually works. Our personal favorite is FuckBookNet.net, and thats because not only is it a lot of fun, but all the numbers SAY that its a lot of fun, too. Weve had more success on FuckBookNet.net than any other site!

HornyMatches.com in the News

While HornyMatches.com isnt going to help you hook up, you can always brush up on the kinds of lingerie to buy your eventual fling whenever you get one, like in this article:

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