SocialSex Review: Read Our Comprehensive Site Comparison

SocialSex Review: Read Our Comprehensive Site Comparison

Visit Site Rating: Review of: Reviewed by: Summary The best thing about Social Sex is how incredibly active this site is. We snagged 20 hot flings during our six month trial.

If youre looking for a site thats jampacked with possibilities, then we honestly think that is one of the best sites for you and your potential fling.

This site is incredibly active.

Thats one of the main reasons why we were so excited to review it. Normally, we try out sites and we actually find ourselves a little bit disappointed by the fact that they lie about their numbers across the board. When it comes to, however, that wasnt the case at all.

If anything, this site is even more active than we thought. During the extent of our SocialSex review, we actually found ourselves having to compete with a lot of guys to get the ladies that we really wanted to hookup with. For a lot of guys, we know this can be a huge turn-on and we have to admit, it was a pretty big deal for us, too.

We had a ton of fun on this site.

And thats why we just couldnt help but dig into it with everything we had, all in order to find out how good it really is.

The End Result of 6 Months on

We spent six months doing our research for our SocialSex review. This might seem like a long time to you guys, but honestly, we do this in order to ensure the most accurate results out there.

Its important that our numbers tell the real story.

Thats why we sent out 540 e-mails yep, thats one e-mail per day for those six months to women that we met up on Those e-mails were all customized to their specific profiles, and all very much with the idea of going out and having flings with these lovely ladies.

Those e-mails were worth it.

Out of the 540 e-mails that we sent out, we received an astonishing 372 replies. We usually aim for 50% turn-over, but this was obviously above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for.

Out of those 372 replies, we received e-mails from 28 women wanting to go out on dates with us. Out of those 28 women, 26 actually showed up.

At the end of the night, we ended up going to hotels with 20 of those ladies, which really made us realize exactly how good this site was overall. What a rush!

Tips to Get Ahead on

This is a very populated site. Thats why its extremely important for you to be able to stand out, and that all starts with your profile.

Your profile is an application.

You dont necessarily have to think of it as a job application, but hey, thats essentially what it is. Youre putting yourself out there to look appealing to these ladies, and the more that you look like youre a great catch, the more likely youre going to get laid.

The more filled out your profile is, the more likely youre also going to convince them that youre not a SocialSex scam and that youre actually a really fun, exciting guy that would be great to have sex with. Keep that in mind, and youre going to get laid more than you ever imagined you could. Talk about your interests, both sexual and not, and thats the key to meeting ladies on this site.

2 Messages That Got Awesome Results

Email 1: Hi, Elizabeth. You really look like you had a great time at that party you went to the other night. Wish I could have been there, but I actually havent had much of a chance to go out and party this year. You look like youre only with an hour of me, so would you care to share any great clubs that youve hit up in the past?

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Email 2: Hi, Belinda. Have to say, youve got the prettiest smile of any girl on this site, but thats not what kept me reading! Your interest in tantric sex really has me interested. Ive never actually done any of it myself, but Id love to know the ins and outs of it. If you have a moment, would you like to educate me a little? Im always wanting to learn about things like this.

Features That Rocked on

One of the most amazing parts to this site is the ability to search for what exactly you want to do, and find that in your next hookup. It makes for an incredibly easy experience, and it really weeds out people that you just plain arent interested in.

It makes the fling dating process so much more streamlined.

We know you want to get laid, and we know you want to get laid fast. Thats why SocialSex.coms search features are so important to the way this site works, and why it works so well.

With this search feature, it makes it incredibly easy for you to only connect to people that actually have the same interests as you. With people that just honestly arent into the same thing, youll have a much, much easier time finding exactly who will go out with you.

Features That Could Use Some Work

As much as we loved this site, its not perfect. There are some simple things that it could really do in order to improve, and hopefully, theyll do this in the future!

It doesnt have the best layout.

Were actually sort of rolling our eyes at the layout overall, to be honest. Its just not very clean, it can be pretty annoying at times, and its not exactly safe for work. That makes for a sort of dodgy experience overall, and they can definitely do better.

It also doesnt have the absolute best uptime.

Its important that you be able to access websites at least 99% of the time. With an uptime that sometimes just doesnt seem to correlate with our schedules, it made our reviews a little difficult to complete, and it makes us wonder how many of our e-mails went on the wayside of things.

Obviously, youre paying money, so you want to have the best experience out there and that means that uptime is a big part of that.

Review of Our Call on Using for Flings. is, without a doubt, our number three site. Its amazing for fast flings, and it really has an incredible member pool from which you can choose from. Its hard not to get a fling on here, to be honest, because there is definitely someone on here for you.

Thats why we really suggest that you give this site a try. While is still our number one favorite, you really cant go wrong with having as a backup if you want to really maximize the number of flings that youre having out there. in the News

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