Review: Want To Know If It’s Legit? Read On! Review: Want To Know If It’s Legit? Read On!

Rating: Review of: Reviewed by: Summary Full of fake profiles and completely lacks security. We didn’t get a single date from this site, and we’re not sure we’d want one.

This site falls prey very quickly to the old fake profiles on the front page problem, and thats why we immediately knew it was going to be trouble. Its a shame, because it has kind of an amusing name

The site itself isnt amusing at all.

We actually didnt have any fun on this site whatsoever. Thats because rather than actually be full of fun, exciting girls, its full of a lot of fake profiles and maybe some off-site cam girls that want to scam you out of your cash.

This site is very much unsafe. During the extent of our XXXBlackBook review, we found out very quickly that is just an insecure environment that makes any form of dating very dangerous. There are people on here that would sooner steal your information than go out with you, and thats we had a very difficult time enjoying any sort of interaction that we ultimately had on this site.

Our Results of Using to Find Flings

We spent a lot of time on this site, just like we do with all of our reviews. With our XXXBlackBook review, we ended up spending six months on this site, all in order to obtain the most accurate data we possibly could when it came to seeing how this site was as a dating site.

It wasnt good at all.

A shame, but this site just didnt end up meeting our expectations. We sent out 540 e-mails all the same, and yes, thats an e-mail a day to the ladies we met on here for six months. All of these e-mails were personalized, so not a single one of them resembled spam.

Spam or not, it didnt make a difference.

Out of those 540 e-mails, we only received 109 responses. Normally, we like to see at least a 50% return of our e-mails, but we couldnt even muster up that much of a response from this site.

To make matters even worse, not a single one of those e-mails had women that actually wanted to meet up with us. None of them wanted to meet us in person, theres no way we could actually come close to having a fling with them.

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Obviously, this entire site was a disappointment, and it made us really realize how spoiled we are with our favorite sites that help us hookup all the time!

Is Worth Your Time? Nope.

This is a land of fakes. If youre looking for an XXXBlackBook scam example, you really dont have to go any further than the first page, considering the fake rotating profiles that are plastered all over it.

On top of that, the site itself isnt safe.

We actually encountered several occasions when we visited the site and ended up being warned about viruses. These viruses could have easily been from the ads or pop-ups on the site, or they could have also been from phishers or other XXXBlackBook scams.

Either way, you should never feel threatened whenever you are trying to have fun picking up an online date. With XXXBlackBook, we felt that thats all we ever had to deal with: staying safe, and not dealing with women.

This site is more or less empty.

Thats really something you should keep in mind before signing up here. If you like dealing with fakes and empty profiles, then this is the site for you!

The End Result: Our Review of

At the end of the day, theres really no way we could ever recommend this site to anyone. It just doesnt work, and we think that is a prime example of how unsafe many online dating environments can actually be. It makes us nervous for many people that might try to make this site work for them.

Fortunately, there are good sites out there. is our number one site, and it really makes us really how good and consistent it is. You will find a great number of REAL women on our number one site, and its not only fun, but safe. We highly recommend it as a chance to have a fling without any stress or worry about your safety online. in the News

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