Writing Racy Messages to Her

Writing Racy Messages to Her

Sending her a sexy message is the best way to drive her crazy

Women respond well to the written word. Lots of women read romance novelsand it seems like theyre always swooning over the racy things the men in there say. Why not make her dreams come true and send her some steamy messages? Sexting is one thing, but it seems like 160 characters just isnt enough to really get out what you want to say.

For the length you need, shooting her a steamy e-mail is a great idea. If youve been staying together and youll see her before she leaves for work in the morning, slipping a hand-written message about your desires will be a wonderful surprise for her later in the day. Think of a sexier version of the lunchbox messages you had when you were a kid.

Its a great way to keep her thinking about you even when you arent together. If she checks her e-mail during her lunch break and sees a sexy message, shes going to have you on her mind for the rest of the day. The same goes for a handwritten message she reaches into her pocket and finds in the middle of a meeting. Shell be so turned on by such a simple little gesture that when she sees you again, you can bet shell want to jump right into bed with you! Use these tips to write the perfect steamy message to the woman youre seeing.

The Right Amount of Detail

Write those sexy lines that she loves to read

The secret to a great racy message is to put those sexy little details she loves into, but to always leave her wanting more. Unless she asks for it, dont tell her exactly what youre going to do to her. Hint at it. Alternatively, mention all the things youre going to do to tease her but leave her guessing about how youre going to get her off. Tell her that you plan to take her clothes off and kiss all the spots on her that make her squirm, but dont elaborate. Shell be left wondering what youre going to do when she sees you again. If shes really into it, shell end up texting you from work about how wet shes getting from your message.

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Keep It Racy, But Not Vulgar (Unless She Wants That)

Unless she asks for a dirty, vulgar message telling you what youre going to do to her, leave thevulgar languageout of it. There are tons of women whod probably get off on that, but youre better off enticing her with small amounts of detail and a smutty admission every now and then. Tell her that you cant wait to kiss up her thighs until theyre shaking, but leave any descriptions more vulgar than that out of it if you want a steamy message. Women have vivid imaginations. Give her a few hints at what youre going to do and let her fantasize about the rest. Shell have imagined twenty different things in her mind for the rest of the day at work and on her way home and youll be very pleased with the results.

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