Three Surprising Spots to Focus On During Foreplay

Three Surprising Spots to Focus On During Foreplay

If you feel like your foreplay is falling a little flat these days, then shes probably been feeling the same way. Bring that spark back by throwing in a few new tricks, because doing the same thing every time gets boring. Even if youre adventurous and will eagerly go down on her, shell be thankful for the change of pace. Women are difficult to arouse as it is, and you dont want to get started without being sure shes into it, too. Try paying attention to these three unassuming spots during foreplay and watch your activity change instantly from dull to dynamic.


Increase her sex drive by kissing her neck

While you might leave a few marks here and there on her neck, chances are you arent paying it the attention it deserves. A womans neckis one of the lesser-known erogenous zones, and stimulating it will get her going in no time flat. Get on her and kiss her neck, bite every once in a while, and then soothe the bites with your tongue. Once youve done that for a while, pull back just a bit to breathe over all the marks. The chill will give her shivers that run all the way down to her clit, and shes sure to moan. Really play up things by biting down to her shoulders because all of the skin there is insanely sensitive.


Speaking of insanely sensitive, the forearms are the oddest place for an erogenous zone, but here they are. Theres a reason why wrists are considered erotic in many countries the skin is pale and more tender than the rest of her skin, and will give her goose bumps if played with every time. Hold her hand and stretch her arm out while you kiss from her shoulder down to her wrist, licking and biting occasionally. You dont have to leave hickeys, because even the tiniest bite will get her tingling. Scratch on her forearms while youre kissing, too you wont regret it.

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Spend a lot of time kissing and licking her legs up and down

To make her feel like a total goddess in the bedroom, spend a lot of time on her legs. Theyre half of her body, but most men leave a womans legs alone for the most part. Theyre not just for when you want them around your waist legs are very sensitive to touch, especially because most men wont have played with them. Kiss from her feet up to her thighs when you go down on her. The gesture is sweet and sensitive while still getting her wet, so theres really no downside. A lot of women are very self-conscious about their legs, and any insecurity will make her less responsive in bed. Kissing up her legs and paying a lot of attention to them will tell her that you love them and think that theyre flawless, which will give her the confidenceto be the bombshell you know she is. She especially deserves some leg love because it takes a lot of time getting those all shaved and smooth pay them some respect and shell go nuts.

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