When a Free Trial on a Site Is Worth It

When a Free Trial on a Site Is Worth It

Find out if a dating site is worth your time

When youre looking for a dating or casual hookup site, the last thing you want to do is waste your time or, even worse, waste your money. Because most of the worthwhile dating sites cost money, theyll give you the opportunity to try it for a set period of time (sometimes a week, usually a month) to see if you like it. Its through the use of these free trials that they get their users to stay because theyve had so much success on the site so far, theyll want to keep using it to get the full features. Sometimes you need to pay to play!

Finding the hottest women your city has to offer is well worth the price of a membership. The last thing you want to do, though, is give a dating site your credit card information and have money you didnt want to spend go into funding its scam. Pay attention to the site and find out if the free trial is even worth your time.

Judge a Book by Its Cover

You can usually tell if a dating or hookup site is worth your time just from how it looks. A site that looks bad is usually not only dysfunctional; its also probably a scam. If the site looks like it hasnt been updated since the late 90s (when bars of gray and blue were the base for every websites code), youre going to want to avoid it. The trial might be free, but after that you could get suckered into paying for an outdated site that probably wont even load right on your computer. Heres where you have to use your best judgment. If the site looks good and everything else about it checks out, its probably safe to move on to the next step of signing up for that very alluring free trial.

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Ease of Profile Creation

Be careful while creating a dating profile

If a site asks for your credit card information right at the start when you try to create a profile, its a good idea to be a little wary of it. Not all sites that want credit card information right away are bad some just ask for it so they know where to bill at the end of the free trial. However, some are the type of site you want to avoid at all costs when youre hunting for hookups online, so be careful.

Usually sites that demand credit card information like that right off the bat have hidden fees and ulterior motives for example, their trial might be free, but if you happen to use any other feature of the site that isnt included in the trial, theyll automatically bill you for a membership that is non-refundable. Coincidentally, most of the features that arent included in trials on these types of less reputable sites are sending messages back and forth the whole point of the site. If creating a profile is easy and free and the site offers a free trial that is 100% free with no obligations, why not take it?

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